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So you want to know more? I would, too.

I am a professional actor and have been since I finished my MFA training at NYU Tisch's Graduate Acting Program in 2000. For over 17 years, I have worked on stage and screen, performing in almost any entertainment venue you can think of: big-budget films, low-budget indies, Broadway musicals, Off-Broadway plays, Shakespeare, television dramas and comedies, commercials, video games, and much more.

As you can imagine, I spent a great deal of time preparing for those acting jobs in order to book them, and spent my fair share of time in the audition room with casting directors and production team members. I know what it takes to get the callback and book the job.

Why work with me? ​

We both love being actors. I've been where you are, whether it's auditioning for a lead in a film or for day-player on television. Every audition is an opportunity to present yourself as a viable talent whom casting directors want to call back and directors and producers want to hire. I have 17 years of working experience, combined with 3 years of conservative MFA training at the prestigious NYU Graduate Acting program.

Can I guarantee you will get the job?

I wish I could. I can guarantee that after we work together you will have a firm approach on the material you are required to perform, you will have confidence in your understanding of the scenes and the character, and you will be able to present yourself as a professional actor who has something unique to offer in the casting office. I am also always happy to discuss any aspect of the casting process or the entertainment industry, which can seem daunting to newer and younger actors. 

Is it worth the extra money?

We all have to pay the rent and work the day job until we get the next big acting job. With all the costs of being an actor (headshots, mailings, self-promotion, etc.) why add coaching onto the ledger? Audition prep is an investment toward getting that big acting job and feeling more confident as an actor. Each character we audition for presents its own unique set of challenges that need to be addressed and questions that need to be answered. When a part is especially important to you, it's worth it to work with a professional acting coach to mine the most out of the audition material.

What about college and graduate school auditions?

I also have extensive experience with monologue and song preparation. I can help you choose the right material for your audition and prepare you for what to expect from the time you show up in the waiting room to the moment you say "Thank You" and leave the audition room. 

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